Innovación en la traducción de calidad Innovating on quality translation Innovation in der Qualitätsübersetzung


David López

CEO and Founder

Ana Hidalgo

Translator and project manager

Teresa Carreño

Responsible for accountancy

He works as a translator and project manager. Specialized in technical translation because of his training as a Materials Engineer.

Ana is a translator and project manager at Vertality with more than 10 years of experience. She translated several books and also projects  related to technical translation, especially patent translation,  to which she has devoted herself in recent years.

Teresa is responsible for accountancy, with a wide experience in all the tasks involved. In addition, she is also a translation project manager and able to solve any problem.

Marta Risco

Technical translator

Marta is a translator in Vertality and a passionate about languages. In addition to Spanish, she can speak English and Arabic.


Coral Sanz

Audiovisual translator and project manager

Coral is an audiovisual translator and project manager at Vertality. She is an expert in translation and subtitling of audiovisual content. English, German, Italian and Spanish are her languages, so there is no content that will resist her.

How does Vertality work?

We are convinced that the most important thing about our company is the people who make it up, so we facilitate teleworking and a fully flexible schedule focused on meeting objectives. Therefore we achieve a better balance of personal and work life, seeking the greatest comfort of each member of our team.

Trusting a translation agency is an important step for any customer, which is why Vertality is ISO:9001 and ISO:17100 certified. This ensures that our translations meet the industry’s most demanding standards for procedures, translator/reviewer choice criteria, information storage, and so on. 

But nowadays it is necessary to be very aware of technology, so at Vertality we work with the latest and most innovative translation solutions, allowing us to achieve a high production speed and reliable systems, which are accessible and adaptable to any need. Thus, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing on the market and a very high speed.

Meeting agreed deadlines

At Vertality we have developed mandatory protocols for the projects carried out by our linguists. We comply with all European data protection regulations and guarantee complete confidentiality regarding translated documents and entities requesting our services. The Project Management Department evaluates each text to assign the project to the most qualified professionals in each sector. Thanks to this, we meet 100% of our projects deadlines.

Available languages

We provide a large number of language combinations but the languages most in demand by our customers are English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. Contact us for further information.

Quality and Confidentiality

The Vertality Quality Management System aims to improve our services as a main objective. 

We are certified under ISO 9001:2015 and 17100 standards in order to guarantee the high quality of our service. We work with strict protocols to ensure high-quality translations.

Here you can read our quality policy.


Any other questions?

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